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Dubai: UAE Based Apple Group of Clinics & Pharmacies, which runs Apple Clinics ( across 6 locations in Dubai and Sharjah, is implementing technologies like artificial intelligence to accuracy of Diagnosis. The introduction of smartphones and internet has changed the way people used to perceive healthcare; from curative to preventive - as mobile is the first-level helpdesk for people. However, in a market that is not yet matured enough for preventive health measures, any start-up with an innovative idea suffers the initial setback. To break the ice of the sluggish healthcare regime, an MBA Graduate, with over 20 years of extensive experience in diverse sectors Mr Fazal Ibrahim, CEO and co-founder along with his wife, Dr. Ulfath Abdul Rahim has integrated into Advanced Healthcare Technology with a Triangular approach - Identifying through Health Risk Assessment, Tracking through Personal Health Record and Mitigating through personalized care plans. Using medically validated algorithms, a series of questions on family, personal & occupational health and social support are framed to ascertain the calibre of jeopardy involved in ailment - Health Risk Assessment (HRA) which the company claims to be the finest Technology available in UAE. It not only asserts physical and mental health condition, it recommends tests and medications based on the result. Taking an earnest step in digitization of medical records, Apple Clinics screens the entire health records at one place - Personal Health Record. Through this, patients can access their medical records, anytime, anywhere. Apple Clinic UAE will enable the same for their 100,000 registered patients in a short time-span. Apple Clinics is making its presence prominent and spreading out with the acquisition of Noor Al Madinah Medical Centre, based in the Schools and Industrial Area of Sharjah that has eventually helped the company to add additional patients of around 20,000.


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