The Final Control of Pest Control

The Final Control of Pest Control

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office No 306, 3rd Floor, Hadi Exchange Building,Deira
377411 Dubai

About us

The Final Control is one if the leading companies in the Environmental services business, Quality is our main objective, we believe that client satisfaction is our greatest achievement. Based on that we were able to expand and grow, our clients found the objective in our services.
The Final Control is one of the best Pest Control companies; we offer our clients the best German pesticides so we can totally eliminate all insects with warranty of the work and free follow up in case of appearance of any insects, all our pesticides has no effect on human health and odourless and Authorized from health department.
We are experienced in this field, our experts to determine the best pesticides for each insect, just dial our number and we will reach you wherever you are.
The Final Control presents Pest Control services and rodents with the most advanced pest control methods, including crawling and flying insects, rodents, rats, stray animals, scorpions and snakes:
Pest Control includes cockroaches, ants, spiders, flies, mosquitoes, salamanders and enters, including insects that damage wood (termites and timber insects) and pests of stored materials


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