Share your experiences and learn from others! Leave your feedback or suggest a fantastic experience that nobody should miss.

Reviews are becoming more common on the internet, companies want to know what you think and those looking to buy something would appreciate reading about your experiences. They simply become more secure in their decisions.

It is quite simple to formulate an informative and well-written review. In short, keep the following in mind, then it will be fine:

  • It's your experience. Your review should convey your own true, complete and honest experience of the company or their services. Consider the concept of "truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth", then you've come a long way.
  • Who will read the review? The company itself, hopefully. But first and foremost other users of, so keep the review informative and with a civilized language. The whole point is that others understand what it is all about when they read your review. Would you read and appreciate the review? If not, then there's probably a few details to grind on. Otherwise: not spamming. A review on companies is usually sufficient. If you want to write a comment about the same company, it should convey something that the previous review did not.
  • Be relevant! A relevant review telling others how your experience as a consumer was, in a way that will help them in their choice. Providing reviews of their own or a friend's business is not relevant. Nor reviews aimed to damage or defame the company. Make sure your reviews stand out and help others! We are very restrictive with commercial and linked content. To highlight or otherwise promote other companies are not pertinent in a review.
  • What is my assessment? In the end, actually a company or a service. Not people. Do not mention specific people, but write in more general terms about "service" instead of hanging out the waiter himself. You also do not blame the company for violation of the law. If you suspect that a crime has been committed, contact the police and establish a notification.
  • Stay on the right side of the law! Besides that it is often illegal, there's nothing good in reviews that contain threats, hatred or indignities. This naturally applies to intellectual content too!
  • Who is responsible? Legally, it is you who is responsible for your judgment. The service is deemed to be an electronic bulletin board and covered by the so-called BBS Act. It is not covered by broadcaster responsibility.
  • Although we do not have a particularly high lower bound for the length of the review, we are restrictive in terms of short reviews. We simply think that it is better, the more information you share with us! If someone reports your review as inappropriate, we will look at it again. If there is any doubt, you will hear from us via e-mail and we’ll ask for clarification. Of course we will not share your contact details to third parties!

If we find that your opinion does not meet our guidelines, we will send you an e-mail and explain why. That way you can write a new review that works better.

If you find a review or companies’ answers that you do not think are OK, click the "Report Review", we will check it again.

Full Terms of reviews can be found [here]. Full terms and the long version of the guidelines can be found [here].

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