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Tips and comments from friends and acquaintances have always been an important part of the buying process. Traditionally, the tips went from farm to farm, from mouth to mouth, and usually between acquaintances. As the network grows so does the ability to both tell others and yourself to read tips and reviews. Moreover, it is no longer confined to one’s own circle of acquaintances. Today allows a large number of services’ online user-generated reviews and comments. Both general (as here at, but even more industry-specific, like TripAdvisor.

A negative review is better than no review

Reviews can actually affect your business. Even a negative review can be better than no review. The idea is that all reviews are helping to create a trust for the company. Although it is a case of a negative opinion, the customer cared enough to write a review and tell other users (customers). Are you prepared? You can answer even the negative reviews and in most cases turn them into something positive. Transparency and humility are key words in communications on the Internet.

How to get positive reviews?

For most companies, the majority of customers are happy. A good trick to reflect this online might be to encourage customers to leave reviews. It could simply be a small request and a link on their website. With the "Search user reviews from on your website”, you can easily upload your own box that shows average score for your business and which also links the user here to write your own review.

Never underestimate the strength of positive reviews

Positive reviews can attract new customers. A major study showed that if the average rating is increased by half a star, the number of bookings increased significantly.

Negative reviews

You can never make every customer completely satisfied; there will always be dissatisfied or critical customers. Customers with a bad experience are often more likely to leave reviews than customers with a neutral or positive experience, but it also gives you a chance to respond and evolve from their comments. Do you manage and bring the reviews to you correctly? This is actually one of your best marketing channels.

Negative reviews - what do you do?

Be prepared for how you will respond when you receive negative reviews. Everyone gets them at some point, so you might as well be prepared. Consider these two questions:

  • How should you respond?
  • Who will answer?

Reply to this review!

When you receive a negative review - respond to it. On you can easily answer in the role of a business. Maybe there are suggestions on how you can be better in review? You can even take the negative reviews and try to have a dialogue with users. Moreover, perhaps most important of all: do not respond while negatively affected by the review, your answer will act as an ambassador for your brand, see this as a marketing channel. If you suspect that your review violates our guidelines - [link to guidelines] - report the review. If you suspect that someone is systematically leaving bad reviews of your business - contact us. [link to contact page]

Take control of the discussion

When you respond to a review, remember to try to steer the discussion the way you want it to go. Be clear and specific. It can also be a good idea to take the discussion further on your "home turf" for example on your blog - if you have one of those. Keep in mind that the answer is not just for the person who left the review, but also for all others who read your review.

Open & Honest

Think of the old saying "honesty is the best policy." Respond to criticism with concrete and honest answers. Dare to admit your mistakes and faults and learn from the feedback and enjoy the praise you get. Customers will appreciate your honesty.

Business Intelligence

what is written about your company online. This way, you are better prepared and will not be surprised (there are many places where you can leave reviews). Do you want an email every time your company receives a new review on Write to us and we will fix it! If you still have questions or concerns, regarding reviews or help getting started, Contact us at customer service and we will help you. On the other hand, read our FAQ.

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