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UAE Capital City

The Emirate of Abu Dhabi commands a key area at the junction of key European, Asia Pacific, African and North American business center points, giving more prominent access to numerous essential markets and assets.

Business in Abu Dhabi

Undaunted by the worldwide economic slowdown, the economy of Abu Dhabi, a standout amongst the most prosperous and dynamic economies in the Middle East, has kept on performing emphatically over the previous years. Solid political responsibilities, reasonable venture choices and long haul monetary improvement arrangements from the administration keep on giving the economy the energy it needs to end up a very created, adaptable and broadened economy.

Economic Vision 2030

The Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030 blueprints the monetary enhancement designs of Abu Dhabi Government. It mirrors the craving of the Government to visualize the improvement procedure of the emirate throughout the following two decades with an unmistakable and long haul guide and general approach system for financial advancement. The vision includes a more noteworthy joint effort between general society and private parts in actualizing the approaches and plans of the administration