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Cultural Attraction of UAE

Ajman is perhaps best known for its cultural attractions. Ajman has a few sandy beaches but is mainly characterized by the rugged Hajjar mountain range. Although Ajman city is modern and provides up-to-date services and facilities, it reflects its traditional charm.

Business in Ajman

The Ajman economy has traditionally relied on fishing and trade. As of late the general monetary improvement, drift in the U.A.E. has reached out to Ajman also. The emirate has pulled in various business and modern ventures because of its closeness to the business focuses of Dubai and Sharjah and its generally low leases. Particularly conspicuous increases to the economy are the Free Zone, Ajman City Center shopping complex, and a few resort inns, including the Ajman Kempinski, which is a well-known destination for Europeans and U.A.E. occupant travelers.

Key Advantages

  • Strategically centralized location
  • Availability of raw materials
  • Reasonable operational expenses
  • Reasonable cost of office rent and plots of land
  • Low cost of living
  • Excellent business environment
  • Contemporary infrastructure