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9 Medical : We pave the road to a new trend of luxury medical experience

N9NE Medical Institute is one of the very few clinics in Dubai that is a referral centre staffed with American Board-Certified Consultants and skilled laparoscopic gynaecologists. We offer high risk Pregnancy Care, Infertility and IVF, Aesthetics and Anti-Aging Treatments, Hormone Replacement Therapy, Intravenous Supplementation, Dietary consultation in addition to skilled and artful cosmetic Gynecology services. Our team’s honesty, hard work, and advanced clinical knowledge attracts a diverse patient base.

Dr. Ben Talei the Biggest name in Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery

The biggest name in cosmetic and plastic surgery Dr. Ben Talei is back in Dubai! One of the only surgeons in the USA to complete two separate fellowships in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. He completed one of the most revered and prestigious fellowships from the New York Center for Facial Plastic & Laser Surgery. He specializes in deep plane facial rejuvenation, face-lifting, and minimally invasive rhinoplasty. He is most well-known for his rapid healing times, very natural, long-lasting results and impeccable facial aesthetic. To book an appointment, call 04 44 99944.

Dr. Ben Talei is back in Dubai! Book an Appointment now!

9 Medical - Dr. Ben Talei

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